A Last Hurrah!

The Coppicing season is over. The sap is rising and it is too late now to cut any more trees. So many posts I meant to write and haven’t! But there is always next year. Meanwhile this season went out in spectacular fashion. I had been waiting for a good chance to cut 2 clumps… Continue reading A Last Hurrah!

Planting Woodland

I have been teaching a few friends to make rustic gates from green wood – more on that in another post – and chatting we got round to the subject of creating woodland. One of the couples who came have just got planning permission for a One Planet Development holding which already has a few… Continue reading Planting Woodland

Getting started – at last!

When I learned Coppicing the course began on the first Wednesday in October and it was explained to us that the season traditionally started on October 1st and ended on March 31st. However the trees were still not dormant so we spent the first 2 or 3 weeks becoming familiar with the woods, making charcoal,… Continue reading Getting started – at last!

Getting Ready #2 – the equipment

My late husband, John, used a chainsaw to manage trees but I never liked the things. They are noisy, require the operator to be muffled up in thick clothing, ear defenders and safety glasses, and are just as able to chop off a human limb as a tree one! Maybe I’m a whimp but I… Continue reading Getting Ready #2 – the equipment


There are various ways to create and then manage a woodland depending on what you want it for. The wood I rent was planted 20 odd years ago with a mixture of deciduous trees. It replaced a plantation of conifers which the farmer’s father had planted and which had reached maturity so were clear felled… Continue reading Management